About Karen Lee, LMT

Certified Neuromuscular Therapist (NMT)

Welcome to A Touch Above CO, LLC, where your well-being is my top priority. I’m Karen Lee, a certified massage therapist specializing in Neuromuscular Therapy.

Based in Colorado Springs, I’ve completed over 850 hours of rigorous training at the Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy. My dedication lies in providing top-quality service to my clients, and I believe in constantly enhancing my skills to bring you the most effective massage techniques.

Massage therapy offers more than just relaxation; it’s a proven method to promote a healthier and more balanced body and mind. Massages can leave you feeling renewed and deeply relaxed, from easing muscle tension to enhancing circulation.

At A Touch Above CO, LLC, your health and well-being are at the heart of what I do. I listen attentively to your needs and tailor each massage session accordingly. I provide a service steeped in care, respect, and professionalism. Backed by scientific research and positive client experiences, I am proud to offer a transformative experience.

Consider A Touch Above CO, LLC if you seek a perfectly tailored massage. Together, we can guide you on your path to enhanced health. Thank you for considering us, and I look forward to serving you soon.